Start-Up Consulting

If you have a great idea for a start-up, and you need some help, give us a call. We have built many businesses over the years. We don't work for cash up front, so contact us today for our start-up plans and let's help you lift off.


Marketing Materials

One thing we've learned a long the way, you can have the best product and lose out because you haven't found your voice of your start-up yet. Simply put, have your presentation deck and one-page say what they need to say. Don't let your pro forma financials and business plan get in your way because they're just thrown together. We help you create these materials from scratch.


We have built several business over the years. Some have been successful and some have failed. We've learned a lot, and we've learned how to speak with the investment community. Let us help you find your voice.


At Painter + Fox, we've made some great friends over the years. Some of them are investment brokers and some of them venture capitalists. When your start-up works with us you get introductions to some pretty awesome individuals and companies. You never know, they might become your next investor.

Ready to get started?